Chapter Excerpts

(from Chapter One)
And at 2:33 am, – in that part of the world – a banker by the name of Jerome Goldberg woke up in his New Orleans mansion, sweating profusely and desperately grabbing his chest in unbearable pain. His wife rushed to dial 911 but his arteries were so clogged that he never recovered from the massive heart attack.
He was an accomplished athlete and a novice nutritionist, maintaining a healthy lifestyle that was the envy of his friends and the pride of his doctor. No one believed the autopsy report demanded by his wife. But in a week he was going to close a major international deal that would have delivered a Central American country and all its people into the hands of a bloody revolutionary idealist who also happened to deal in cocaine and had the right contacts.

And a petty dictator in Gabon sat at breakfast noisily sucking a thick soup where the eyeballs of the recently deposed president floated. He was saving them for the end because the wife and daughter of the same president shared the table under heavy guard. He had only wanted to show them where the real power resided….besides, he happened to like the taste and squishiness of eyeballs!
He finished the soup and popped the first eyeball at 9:33 am, – in that part of the world – and as he swallowed it grew to three times its size and stuck in his throat, and his soldiers and sycophants could not help him while he slowly choked to death. The only person in that room who was trained in CPR and knew the Heimlich maneuver was the dead president’s daughter, who was tied to a chair and gagged.

Many other strange occurrences had also taken place. No one thought to put them together….there were so many things happening then.

Only the very observant, a select few, came to ever realize, and only over a long period of time; that ALL of these accidents and incidents had transpired at exactly the same time. All over the world, hundreds of people had died….of known or unknown causes.


(from Chapter Seven)
In 2025, the U.S. Navy had added, behind closed doors, a new team to the Seals. This was a secret team known as NSST and responsible only to, and directly, to the Under Secretary of the Navy, the Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) and the Vice-President. Since the CNO held equal rank with the Commandant of the Marine Corps, the latter was also included in the pertinent information releases and was authorized to aid any requested clandestine action with either fire teams (five men) or squad-size units (thirteen men), as needed.
The new Seal Team would have normally been numbered, but all information had to be kept secret, so it did not even get a Press release. Congress did not know about it at first. The president simply authorized an increase in the Navy’s budget under Training Expenses – Miscellaneous. It would be made up, as all others were, of six platoons and a headquarters elemental; with the internal break down of a chief, two officers and thirteen enlisted men per platoon.
However, it would have thirteen enlisted women  and officers instead.
It was to be made up of single women between the ages twenty-one and thirty-five years of age, highly trained in the same combat, scuba, demolition and weaponry that the men excelled in, plus the newest advances in the arts of camouflage, espionage, armed and hand-to-hand combat, civilian insurrection handling, advanced first aid, communications and effective team work: No heroes!
Their training time was one year, double the length of training for other Navy Seal teams. It included the ability to apply make-up to oneself – without aid – in order to completely change identities in as few minutes as possible. Consequently their combat packs were larger and heavier before entering the action itself and highly compartmentalized in order to afford the ability to drop non-essential compartments and bury them in mere seconds.
As they would mostly operate in foreign soil, they had to speak at least one foreign language fluently and be able to pick up necessary phrases in other languages in almost accent less speech quickly.
The voluntary drop-out rate in Seal training had been in the order of seventy to eighty percent during the twenty-five week period. The First phase, the physical conditioning, weeds out those who could not have made it anyway. In the NSST, some units suffered as high as ninety percent dropouts. The only remaining candidates were usually marathon runners, advanced martial arts practitioners, American Ninja competitors or rock climbers.

(from Chapter Eleven)
Not only did the NSST platoon have to breach two different groups of enemies, they had to fight a completely unknown enemy inside, and there might be friendly fire coming at them, the way things stood, if they both entered the inner sanctum of the creatures together, if they did not communicate properly. So they worked on radio signals and abbreviated voice commands between the front and rear fire teams while the hour approached. Dory and Peggy planned very carefully the direction in which they would enter and deploy inside. It had to be perfectly synchronized, very hard to do with three dozen or more people all shooting at the same time, some of them high or drunk and some of them with unknown special powers!
On top of that, they only had small pistols, no rifles, no explosives or flash grenades and no armor.
‘No big deal’- they thought. They were SEALS!