Welcome to my Blog/Website. My first book is titled “This Time” and it was written with the expressed intent to entertain and also to provoke readers to be informed about the most radical change EVER to our History.
The book is pure Science Fiction per se as it depicts supernatural beings and non-Earthly happenings, but it does not resort to Martians or little green men. It’s also a whodunit mystery and involves detective work in all the full sense of the terms. But the subject matter and the extraterrestriality is a new one for readers of crime or Science Fiction novels. I sincerely hope you enjoy it.
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Or you can just send me a question on a particular subject that I covered, either from a character’s speech or my own descriptive affirmations. I would really like your opinion, and maybe start a serious conversation.
Thank you,
Manny Gutiérrez

P.D. A Special thanks to my daughter-in-law, Stacy Givens Gutierrez for making my idea for the cover a reality and improving on it.