About the Book

CoverThe book is about crime adventure but from a Science Fiction angle using a unique subject.

    Christmas day, December 25th, 2000; a mysterious series of unexpected and unexplainable deaths happens across the globe during the birth of the only child of a rebellious young couple. Two clues only group the hundreds of cases together, but these clues are seen only by the sharpest and hardest-working investigators and journalists. The child, a unique individual, is going to turn the world upside down. Although his power and actions are reminiscent of the best known rebel in History, his novel approach will delight his followers and make deadly enemies of his opponents, but will he succeed in his personal quest? Will his enormous power and desire be enough to right a World so prone to self-destruction?



“THIS TIME is a clear-and-to-the-point story that grasps the reader’s attention immediately. To the author’s credit, the stage of the crusade waged by Good against Evil on the eve of the Third Millennium is set promptly and undoubtedly. Unapologetically, Manuel “Manny” Gutiérrez leaves no doubt that the newcomer —flamme passionnée — has come to right unacceptable wrongs.” – Jack Delgado, author, “Crooked,” “The Trail to Golgotha” and the works featured in http://www.gate.net/~joachim/

“The opening chapter of This Time recalls the tragic, yet forgotten, catastrophes that afflicted humankind at the end of 2000 as we awaited Y2K. I fully expect the read the entire book because this first chapter has me hooked!”- Fernando ‘Fernán’ Hernándezauthor of 4 books; the last two are “The Cubans: Our Legacy in the United States” and  the most recent one, “The Cubans: Our Footprints Across America”, both available at Amazon.com. He is a retired educator and resides in Miami, Florida. 

“This Time offers a unique perspective on the past by rewriting the history of the present and recasting the most well-known of all stories in a different light. Highly imaginative, engaging, and intriguing, this book is full of unexpected twists that will keep the reader guessing what might happen next, and also what might happen if history were to repeat itself.” – Carlos Eire – author of “Waiting for Snow in Havana” (winner of the 2003 National Book Award for Non-fiction) Professor of History and Religious Studies at Yale University.