About the Author

Manny-600Manuel “Manny” Gutiérrez was born in Havana, Cuba in 1947 and emigrated as a political refugee to the U.S. in 1961 through the government program later nicknamed – and now widely known as –  Operation Pedro Pan.
[For more information see the author’s bilingual website http://www.CampMatecumbeVeterans.com]


Degreed as an Ocean Engineer from Florida Atlantic University in 1972, after twelve years of working in Land Surveying and in Civil Engineering, I became state-licensed in Florida as a Land Surveyor and Mapper in 1984, then co-owned and managed Survey South, Inc. in Delray Beach, FL from 1985 to 2000.

I wrote often – in Spanish and in English – for family and friends, specially heartfelt requiems, poetry, short stories and serious essays; but work and a growing family took up most of my available leisure time.  Now retired, this is only my first book, but an anthology of short stories of dissimilar genres is in the making.

THIS TIME was born in 1994 as a short story/possible first chapter. Almost a score of family members and friends who read it over the years were split between the two possibilities, but the rest of the story lingered in my mind, yearning for resolve. This book is the child of deep thought and careful introspection coupled with a strong desire to share a unique adventure – initially with family and friends – and now with the world at large.

Hopefully, you the reader will enjoy the reading as I enjoyed the writing.
Manny Gutierrez, Boynton Beach, FL
February 2018